Music can make or break your creative vision. Make sure you don’t regret your decision.

You know that tired stock music that “composers” churn out by the hour? The stuff that you hear absolutely everywhere? Yeah… So do I!

“Working with Shane was exactly what my project needed. I’m a control freak and the smallest details are really important to me. Shane was extremely patient with this and absolutely knocked it out of the park when it came to making my vision come to life. He gets it. I couldn’t be happier with how things turned out. I would highly recommend him for any project and I can’t wait to work with him again. Thanks, Shane!”


Everything Included

I get it, you need total flexibility in order to incorporate your new track into your project. Don’t worry, you won’t need to go anywhere else!

I will deliver your unique track in any digital format you wish. All professionally mixed and mastered to industry and format standards. Clean, pristine, and broadcast ready!

Your music includes:

A full version

Underscore version

30 second edit

Sting/logo version (if required)

Unlimited revisions

Expert consultation

The Composer That You Need

I really hate to toot my own trumpet, but when you get enough people say you really need to promote yourself a bit more, you eventually give in and just do it! I don’t want to come across as pretentious, but I am an accomplished composer. I follow all the latest trends in music, study the greats of yesteryear, and understand music from a global perspective. Music is culture!

If you choose to work with me, you’ll get someone that lives and breathes music every waking hour (and can’t even escape it in his dreams). You could say I’m obsessed! We will work together to make a uniquely crafted, beautiful composition that will work perfectly to elevate your message, complement your production, and make your visions come to life. I want to make your project the best it can possibly be.